White Aroma - WSC Awards

The concept of this design is to hang the clothing in an open-air environment like a sky with joyful floating clouds and a pleasant breeze (as if freshly-washed laundry is being hung under a blue sky) in order to create a bright, airy feeling for the shop space. Our idea is a space suggesting laundry drying in a gentle breeze, evoking images of cleanliness and the pleasant smell of freshly-washed clothes. The main purpose of the design is to make the customer feel free and relaxed as they shop among the hanging clothes, walking on grass under a blue sky.

White Aroma
Proposta para o concurso World Space Creators Awards 2009 - menção honrosa - http://wsca.world.co.jp
Artur Cordeiro e Nathalia Canamary
Fortaleza/Japão 2009