eGO - EveryVille Competition

The eGo is a game for “Everyvillers” of all ages played in the daily life. First, the player registers the mobile telephone at an authorized place, and then a list of urban actions is sent to the telephone: Ride Share, sharing private transport, allowing a social relationship; Fitbike, ride a bike, getting in shape and polluting less, double scores for overweight; Junk Less, a set of trash bags that scores for minimum garbage; Consume Loop, recycle things; Greening, take care of the garden and plant trees; Citizen Surveillance, presence at public places helping the safety feeling; Seesaw, to have fun and the movement of the toy will generate electric energy. The action list is not limited, and can be expanded. Appropriate urban furniture will be installed in the city to reinforce the ludic purpose of the project, as well scoring devices to enable the game to run. As the eGo as played, the sense of community blooms with reciprocal benefit, for the individual and collective.

Proposta para o concurso EveryVille Competition da Bienal de Veneza
Artur Cordeiro, Eduardo Soares, Nathalia Canamary
Fortaleza/Veneza 2008